Some words.

Thursday night at Lincoln Center & Friday night at Rockwood Music Hall were the culmination of a series of "Yes" answers. It was an idea that turned into something spectacular thanks to a beautiful venue in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, and the extraordinary talent procured by our friends at Rockwood Music Hall.  In short, the concept was to introduce talent to a new audience...  The David Rubenstein Atrium was at capacity for the length of the event with a line to spare, and the Rockwood shows the following night were both sold out.  The lineup of talent was all thanks to Ken & Matt from Rockwood, and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the host, the venues and the performers... All the thanks goes to Rockwood & Lincoln Center for making it happen.

A very special thank you to WFUV and Rita Houston, who hosted the evening. As a New Yorker, Cousin Brucie, from CBS-FM, might have been the voice I grew up listening to, but Rita Houston is the voice I graduated to. The very first artist I can recall WFUV turning me on to was Martin Sexton. It was roughly 1999, and he was on something like his 4th album. It was the first time I became a fan of something that wasn't "popular" by modern standards and that's not a bad thing.  When I played shows in college, it often consisted of an "obscure" cover song of something I heard on FUV, and so began my reign as the worst party guitar player in the history of parties.  In the years since I started listening, I've been introduced to countless bands and that rings true today, in the age of Spotify.  Rita Houston's interviews were, and are, informative and such a conversation that you could swear she was best friends with every single artist that crossed her path, and that's how an interview should feel.  Don't rule out radio, folks. 

I have a lot to thank her, and WFUV, for and Thursday night I shared the stage with Rita.  Suddenly I was on the receiving end of her brand of questioning. I was the artist being introduced to 200 + people in the Lincoln Center Atrium and that felt good. Thank you, Rita.

Lastly, thanks to the EXCEPTIONAL talent: Rachael Yamagata, Lake Street Dive, Akie Bermiss,  & Lynette their names and you can pick up what I'm layin' down. 

The success of these types of events is only as great as the audience, so if you were in the house for either of these, THANK YOU. 

See you at the next one. 


P.S. thanks for the video, Val.