Autumn's a-comin'...

It's undoubtedly the season that sparks the most in me and I've got a lot planned.  There will be live music videos for a handful of the songs that showed up on "Layers" (do you have this record yet? It's free to download, like right here and here.) There are tour dates locally, and not-so locally, and some not announced just yet. Between the videos & the live shows, this will be a sort of "cap" on the album cycle for "Layers." (What's an album cycle? It's like doing laundry with music. When it's done it means I'm going to record and hand out new

This brings me to the "new music" portion of this post.  I've got it and I'm ready to record it. After it's recorded, you're going to hear it. Pretty simple.  I'm going to post this stuff, as I always do, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Noisetrade, & Instagram (well pictures of it, anyway.) I'm also going to email you about it so if you're not on my email list here's your chance to sign up below. 

That's about all for now! Thanks for reading and come see me play music this Fall. You can hear some of these new songs. They're about you! 


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