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Listen to MIRAGES and read this story while you do:


We recorded this song live to tape with producer Paul Loren in Brooklyn, NY at Saltlands studio. Then we slapped some finishing touches on it at Sterling Society Social Club, also with producer Paul Loren in Brooklyn. Paul Loren does leave Brooklyn, and know that when he travels he brings the same energetic mega-talents to whichever borough he so desires. 

Here's a little story about this song:

I originally wrote this song in the wrong key. That key was E. Well that key IS E (The key of "E" still exists, and I'm not implying that it is the wrong key in general, however it most certainly was in this particular instance.)

I kept coming back to 'Mirages' because I was happy with what I was saying lyrically, and I couldn't bring myself to toss them to the side. But the mood and tempo? Eh, not so much. Listening to my MANY voice-memos of Mirages was a lot like looking at pictures from your (my) 20's and realizing on your (my) 30th birthday that you (I) had been wearing the wrong size shirts your (my) entire adult life. I changed it to G, because why the f$#& not? And with that I was suddenly wearing tailored shirts. The song instantly went from being something I fiddled with to a top priority. 

Thankfully, we had a studio session already on the calendar with Paul. The band hadn't heard the song yet but we had a show at Rockwood Music Hall days before our session and so under the guise of "serious performance," we rehearsed "Mirages." Sadly my loyal bassist extraordinaire, Brian Kesley, was out of town on other business. So I apologize to all of you Brian fanatics out there, but he does not appear on this track (relax, he shows up on many others.) 

It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn when we recorded this track. That, however, is neither here nor there as Saltlands recording studio is conveniently located in a basement. 

As I recall it took us no time at all to get the right take. Because we're all really good at playing music. Robby Sinclair (drums), Sarah Goldstone (piano), and Kiyoshi Matsuyama (guitar bass) all did their jobs excruciatingly well and I most certainly went home later that evening questioning wether or not I would be keeping them around, for fear that they were dwarfing my talents. I opted to keep them. Because I love them. What you're listening to is the result of a group effort that I couldn't be more proud of. 

This band (allow me to loop loyal Brian back into this even though, as I mentioned earlier, he doesn't appear on this track) has brought a character to my songs that would not exist if I stubbornly remained alone, at home, recording into the early hours of the morning. The sessions with Paul (which began with last year's The Lonely Dreamer) Robby, Sarah, Kiyoshi, and Brian have been the most fun and rewarding recording sessions of my career to date. Trust me that there are many more songs and I promise that each will have a moment to shine in this digitally oversaturated world we live in. 

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