Sentimental and Fearless

I'm incredibly proud of this recording, and I remember feeling that way the minute we listened back after the session. This was our first day back in the studio with Paul Loren after releasing The Lonely Dreamer in 2014 (and funny enough, when I was in the early stages of writing this song, I remember playing the opening melody on guitar for my friend Devon during the Lonely Dreamer session.) 

You're hearing Brian Kesley on bass, Kiyoshi Matsuyama on electric guitar & harmony vocals, Robby Sinclair on drums, Sarah Goldstone on piano & violin, and me on acoustic guitars and lead vocals. Aside from a few immediate additions (12 string acoustic, harmony, and violin) this song is exactly as it was played. I lived with the recording for many months after the fact, and never once did I think it was lacking anything. This is simply our band, playing a song, in a recording studio. And that brings me great pride in the people I get to make music with. Thanks, guys. 

A lot of people have been complimenting the artwork. Thank you. My friend, Jessica Vanderberg, drew these roses for a project she was working on a long time ago and I love 'em. I had helped her photoshop these into something years ago, and I remembered having them on my hard-drive when it came time to do art for this single. These exact roses came to mind and so I took the originals and made it into a complete background. If you recognize the last name it's because Jessica's husband, James, is someone I look to almost always for my single-artwork. So I'm really happy to be keeping this one in the family. Thanks, Vanderbergs.

That's all for this ramble about the song. I hope you dig it!