Dog-eared Page


It's always exciting when a song goes from a reel of tape, to my laptop, to your laptop.
This track is from the Saltlands sessions that we made "Stripping For The Blind" out of. Listening back I can hear (and smell, isn't it weird when that happens?) the room it was recorded in and, while I have no idea if that will translate to your ears (mostly the smell part,) this song will always be a part of that "Stripping" collection to me. 
"Dog-eared Page" has become a bit of a live staple for the full band show and from it's debut the response has been consistently gracious. It's because of those kind words from fans, and friends, (and band members,) that this track is being released so thank you, always, for your support. I hope you dig the recording (click below) and I hope it triggers your senses.


Matt SucichComment