"Never Forget" ...it's true. I imagine our kids won't understand, as for about 21 years I couldn't grasp the magnitude & hatred behind previous generations tragedies. I was always appalled and sad when I read about these things in history books, but nothing prepares you for how devastating it is to live through. And I was only in Queens watching on TV...I can't imagine having been in the vicinity, the first responders or just one of the innocent folks who went to work as usual.  While I wasn't directly effected, my heart still goes out to those who were, and  I've learned a new appreciation for those around me because of that. People were robbed of their friends & family that day and every year since, a sense of sadness pours over me because that's about the worst loss anyone could experience. I can't hear this song without being transported back to the telethon days later...Such an eerily fitting song, and a beautiful build...All the emotions come back:


I guess if you do nothing else today, take a moment to think about those who lost what you have, and those who are defending us as we speak.

That is all.