aaaand, I'm back.

5 days away from internet. Pretty don't realize its gone, until you get it back and the addiction starts up all over again.

I'm not going too far in detail, but I think the trip was pretty damn successful. I drove home with a large batch of rough mp3's. took some notes on what  parts need to be adjusted, re-recorded and so on. Ive certainly got enough for a full record. I can't say when it'll be finished, but needless to mention, Im looking forward to being done with it. This is the part I don't really enjoy, listening over and over until it sounds like EVERYTHING is wrong with it. I still have a TON of work to do, and even a few tracks that aren't even started.

Right now, my goal is to just relax with the tracks for a few days, let my fingers heal a little, take serious notes, and take my time with it. NO BIG RUSH. Where in the past I'd be rushing this out to hand to everybody I think could potentially further my career...this time I'm saying F@#% it. Im making something here, with songs that mean something to me. Time for me to be happy with it.

With that, I'm out. Good to be back in the real world. This was a rad experience, and many thank you's to Scott for use of his beautiful, newly finished country home.

Time to get back to the grind....rock out to this for now: