Bowery Electric

Went to the Jesse Malin show with a friend last night at The Bowery Electric...amazing space. Perfect size, great sound and good people. Hoping to book a show there real soon, I think we'd be a great fit. As far as the show, I'm sorry to say I had to leave before the headliner...but let's just say it was because I didn't want to screw up an already award winning night. I had a nice chat with NYC Radio DJ Rich Russo (host for the evening,)  Albert Hammond Jr. (guitarist for The Strokes) was in attendance, and the HIGHLIGHT... Regina Spektor walks in halfway through the 2nd band's set.  I felt it was my duty as an up and coming singer/songwriter in NYC to say something to her.  Afraid I was pushing my luck, I got the hell out of there after that  (I really did have to meet someone elsewhere.) All said, a great never know who you're going to bump into.

Here's another video from my set last week at 169 Bar... "Fairlane" with a tribute to the great Dale Hawkins. Crowd noise is a little much for the camera's mic, but I think the sound cuts through...ENJOY!