Brian Williams/Jimmy Fallon/Cracked iPhone

Last night I witnessed Brian Williams interview Jimmy Fallon at The Paley Center for Media, formerly known as The Museum of Television & Radio. If you have no clue what the chemistry is like between these two guys, do yourself a favor and watch this.

On my way to the event, I learned why they don't call the desert boot a "run in the rain" boot (no mom, I didnt spend $95 on a pair of shoes....yes I did.) With a massive downpour in the city yesterday, I thought a brisk jog to the subway was in order which resulted in a, no doubt, hysterical display for the patrons of Borders Books as I slipped, fell backwards and slammed my iPhone face first on the ground. A scratch, at first, has now become a full grown crack, and it's pretty upsetting.

However, shortly after, I forgot all about my phone when I was thoroughly entertained, hearing from the man himself, just how Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has done in a matter of months, what took Conan years.  By that I mean he's taken a lot of skeptics and made them fans. I'm the first to admit, as I did last night, that I wasn't a fan for the first few weeks, but I was sucked in by the irreverence, the musical acts, & the zany bits.  Most importantly, I think what attracted me the most, is that he & his staff are finally approaching my generations youth as "oldies." Bringing back Saved By The Bell & California Dreams, for instance, was pure genius and made us all remember being kids. It's almost as if we have a spokesperson now? maybe? sure.  I guess that's enough ass kissing in case any producers/writers I met last night decided to check out the page. Thanks for reading if you did!

This post has nothing to do with music, I just realized, so I'll throw these tidbits out there...

-The new Sara Bareilles song? Pretty damn good. She writes with a wit & sarcasm not often heard. It's radio pop, and I'm not afraid to say I enjoy it.

-Brian Williams is a big time music lover, in case you weren't aware - check this out.

and lastly,

-The Black Keys debuted at #3 on Billboard. That's pretty F#$%ing cool for them and to tie it all together, that was announced the same day they performed.....yep, you guessed it, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Thanks for the lamb, Paley owe me an iPhone.