Broke Ass PREview REview

Sometimes a Tuesday like today rolls on in, when the weather is gorgeous, the coffee delicious & the bank account...Empty-ous. It's a rough situation to be in, for a man like myself, broke on a Tuesday when records are to be bought. In these situations, where I must prove myself to be "with it," "hip" and "making the scene," and the only way to do that, the only way to provide commentary on new music I can't quite afford until the government relinquishes my tax "return", is to sadly review the itunes previews. This leaves my reviews lacking in pretty much everything a good review requires, but I'll still give you my thoughts, because as stated many times, it's my freakin' blog.

This particular Tuesday sees a few releases of note. First up:

Jakob Dylan - Women and Country

This is his second solo release and, like the first "Seeing Things," this is a stripped down, acoustic, folky thing. I like this side of Jakob Dylan. The first one was a little stale at times, but this one, according to the iTunes preview and a VERY cool NPR mini concert video on YouTube, seems like it's got a little more life to it. I'm not slamming Rick Rubin at all, who produced the first, but "Women & Country" is a T-Bone Burnett production...and you don't mess with T-Bone. This kind of situation always leaves me wondering if T-Bone & Rick are friends? How will Rick feel if this CD is better received? Does he even give a shit?

"Holy Rollers of Love" is my current front runner, but that's mostly because I heard it in it's entirety as part of the video I linked above. Judging on the previews, I have to say the swampy/New Orleans groove on "Lend A Hand" has me IN. Love it. The first single ,"Nothing But The Whole Wide World" is nice, but sounds like it could have been left over from the "Seeing Things" sessions.   I'm excited for the new instrumentation on these cuts, can't wait to pick it up.


Hacienda - Big Red and Barbacoa

I already gushed over these guys in my last post, but you can buy it for yourself today. This record already is suiting up to blow their last out of the water.  As I mentioned in my last post, the first was kind of a disappointment coming on the heels of their live show, which was a rock and roll party. So far, hearing a handful of tracks on their MySpace, it looks like they're going in the right direction this time around. The Beach Boys infused "I Keep Waiting," the fuzzy "Who's Heart Are You Breaking" and the sweet, oldie tinged "Hound Dog." Get your hands on this, with a Corona and a mustache...WINK.


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - I Learned The Hard Way

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are Brooklyn based.  This is their 4th record together and each one is unapologetically retro-soul to a T. They see no need to reinvent the wheel, and I see no reason to ask them to. Imagine Amy Winehouse, but mentally stable.  The title track speaks to the rest of the record. It's authentic, made to tape recording and it shows.  Put it on and feel like you're in a different time...this is great summer music. Sweaty brow, straw hat, short sleeves on a collared shirt & glass of something strong, yet refreshing!


Martin Sexton - Sugarcoating

I haven't listened to a Martin Sexton song in a long time. I was really only including him in this post because I feel he's owed it, thanks to many college memories with his songs as soundtrack. It's a shame that I feel his career peaked back then, and while I hope that's not true, I have a bad feeling it is. The man is 100% talent. His voice is capable of things that most humans only consider dreaming of...for instance, at times, sounding like a fluglehorn. Anyway, in my half-assed iTunes previewing, I'm happy to report that this release by good ol' Marty hints back to his 2000 album, WONDERBAR, which was a great album. It's been a while since my radar has picked up this kind of stuff from him, complete with a vocal guitar solo on "Livin' The Life" that proves to be mostly impressive in person and always a novelty. The title track has a nice country swing to it, and I'll bet the farm he breaks out the flugelhorn somewhere in the midst, but let's hope not. You can always buy the old stuff if you want to hear it.  I might have to call Martin Sexton "the people's musician." He's just your neighbor with superhuman abilities, and that's his thing dammit. I can prove it, next time you see me, ask, and I'll tell you a story about him you've probably already heard. God Bless Martin Sexton, I hope this record is a success.


Jack Johnson's new release isn't out until June but pictures of him are and have been for a while, verdict...he looks weird with hair. ???

Thursday Night, I'm playing with the WPLJ/WABC Radio Station Band of Bumbles, opening for Don Imus, Dick Gregory & LEVON HELM at Mohegan Sun for "IMUS AT NIGHT", an evening of comedy & music to benefit The Imus Ranch for kids with cancer. TICKETS MIGHT STILL BE AVAILABLE, INQUIRE USING THE LINK ABOVE. I'll be sure to blog about our raucous set of covers, Mohegan Sun stealing my money and my freshly trimmed "stache."

Love you...Matteo