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posted on 5/25 at 8:44 pm EST

I originally posted the bottom half of this post late last night after packing. Now I'm on the plane, I'm bored and the movie is Justin Beiber's Never Say Never. So I figured I'd update, take a picture and add these random thoughts.

-I always get sad leaving California.

-I've lost the same pen and found it again 3 times on this trip...this is the 3rd, i'm certain it'll turn up before we touch down at JFK.

-I saw a little bit too much of Steven Tyler up close this week.

-Thanks to some fine acquaintances, so fine I'll call them friends, Ive had some advance copies of some great albums for a few weeks...Plenty of hype surrounding "Bon Iver" by Bon Iver, so I'm not breaking any ground telling you about that one. Although get ready to go back to 1987 on the final track, "Beth/Rest" - Holy's amazing. Dawes are following up "North Hills" with "Nothing is Wrong" & while I don't love it like I love the first one, they've got a hustle like no other and their output is incredible. The songs are extremely well written. I also just realized they're playing The Beacon Theatre on August 2nd...that deserves it's own holy shit. I saw these guys at Mercury Lounge less than 2 years ago. Things

-I've said it before and I'll say it again...I hate checking my guitar on an airplane.

-I think we're over Texas, which seems like it should only takes us like 15 minutes to get to JFK...but it's a lot longer than that.

-My judgement on how fast a plane gets you somewhere is inaccurate.

-My battery is dying, see ya in NY.



posted on 5/25 at 3:42 am PST

It's late. Heading back to NYC in the early afternoon. Played Room 5 Lounge while I was out here on Monday night and it was great. Their Monday Night songwriter's circle is an incredible vibe, and I recommend anyone interested in that sort of thing to stop by when you can. The talent was incredible, and I was honored to kick the night off.

This post is virtually worthless, complete with sentence fragments...the end (almost)

Check out my calendar for new show dates. Ive been doing a lot of booking for the summer and I fear how fast these three months will fly by... all for the sake of the hustle, totally worth it.

now it's the end.