Come listen to the words...

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What's your plan for the weekend? 'Cause I've got a couple of solo/ acoustic shows to play...Bk Indie Fest Saturday

NOON - I'm part of The Brooklyn Independent Music Festival (the fest runs Fri-Sun). You can buy tickets in advance, and if you get 'em early, it's cheaper. I recommend checking this out, not only because I'm playing (at noon), but a lot of the names you often hear me talking about will be participating as well. Bianca Merkley is playing Friday, Jamie Bendell plays Saturday afternoon, & Todd Kramer plays Sunday.  There are a lot of great bands playing each day and they're all a part of the same scene. If you ever wonder where I go every night of the week, it's somewhere downtown to, more or less, play songs in front of these people. Come support.


6pm - The latest in my streak of last minute bookings at Rockwood Music Hall. I hit the stage at 6pm, and I'll play the new material again, plus some of the old stuff...potentially a cover, but no promises. NOTEI'll be arriving direct from the Jets game, so I apologize if I smell of tailgate.