coming next week...

Next week, I'll post my cover of Neil Young's "Long May You Run"

Here's the rundown:

Who: Me

What: My cover of Neil Young's "Long May You Run" the one I just told you about, like 10 seconds ago...remember?

Where: Right here, on this very blog.

When: Tuesday Morning

Why: You'll have to wait until Tuesday for the answer to that question.

Until then, enjoy the Polaroid above... My interpretation of an original work (this will also be explained in detail Tuesday morning) by a good friend, James Vanderberg's painting, "Robert Moses Bridge." (One of my favorite of his creations.) James happens to be an extraordinary abstract painter and in addition to his extensive back catalogue (one of which was used as the cover to my "settle down ep") he's also contributed individual, hand painted, sleeves for my "Shoddy Equipment Demo"  and you can bet your ass, I will continue to promote his fine art via my art, creating a powerhouse of art so monumentally powerhouse-ful that your car will drive faster, you'll wake up earlier and stronger, and you'll grow hair in places you've never had before (does not apply to ladies, don't worry.)

Here are a few thoughts on how to use the above image (take or leave them):

1- Email it to all of your friends with the following Subject header & body text (I'm not joking)...

subject: - Neil Young cover Tuesday Morning!

body: Matt Sucich recorded Neil Young's "Long May You Run"...Hear it Tuesday morning at

<insert image here>

Thank you!

Sincerely,  Friend of Matteo

I think this could go extremely well.

2- Make it your computer desktop, and when your co-workers stroll by and say "what a fine image!" you can explain the whole thing.

3- Print 100 (I cannot buy paper for you) and plaster your neighborhood with them

4- Get it tattooed somewhere on your body...(not recommended, but appreciated in the creepiest way possible)

Thanks for your support and I hope you come back on Tuesday!

much love... M