Days are filling up nicely...

between NY (city & state), Arkansas, Los Angeles & hopefully Philly & Boston in early June...there's going to be a lot of music being played in a lot of cool places this Spring. Promoting the record is fun! Of course I'll be updating this site regularly, but not every show is allowed to get the same type of promotion as the rest, (ie: banner/event page & so on)....I can't tell you how helpful it is to follow me on Facebook & Twitter for the most accurate whereabouts.


- LAST MINUTE - Saturday Night at 10pm (4/30)  -Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, BK with Ross Clark on Pedal Steel (oh, HELL YEA)

- Thursday (5/5) at Rockwood Music Hall at 6pm - Ross joins me again (the incredibly talented Jamie Bendell will be on at 8pm that same night, on the same stage)

- Thursday, May 19th at The Living Room - 11:30pm...FULL BAND SET...I know it's a late one, but between you and me, the band sounds freaking incredible and we've got some new songs to share, and some old songs with some new, we're on after Astoria's own Little Embers and I dig this band, so come out at 10:30 to catch them.


Back in February, I played some songs at the 11th st. bar in NYC and in attendance were some fine Italian folks, apparently they were filming, and put together a pretty great 30 minute performance film...Very kind of them to include Jubilation & Jealousy (w. Oli Rockberger on keys.) Press play, it's cool, and hopefully I'll be adding Italy to my busy days ahead:

FINALLY - You may have noticed some slight changes in the website (with a few more changes on the way)...trying to make things a little more sleek. If you subscribed to the old one, I dont think you'll get the new posts, so please save the link on your browser...  I'd love to know what you think, thanks for reading!

See ya around-