Fall approaches...and I'm not gonna cry about it

Here's a short little instrumental I recorded last night during a chat with a friend...I dug it, thought it fit the theme of this post too. So listen and read, thanks... [audio http://msooch.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/instrumental-picking-demo.mp3]

The other day I was having a conversation, as civilized human's do, and never have I articulated my point for Autumn so precisely. It's a known fact that Fall has a special place in my heart, but the last thing I would want is to come off as a  Summer hater. I enjoy the beach, sitting on a surfboard in the ocean, potentially standing on said surfboard (althought not always a guarantee,) BBQ's, extended daylight and all that jazz. But in a moment of desperation to defend myself and my excitement for the oncoming Fall, it became crystal clear to me that you can't go in search of this season. When it's 22 degrees in the middle of January and you want Summer, you can make that happen in Hawaii. When it's 103 degrees in the middle of August and you want Winter, you can go to Alaska. When you need Christmas in July, you can go to the North Pole. When you want a little bit of the best weather on Earth, you can go to San Diego.  But when the craving for Fall comes, you have no choice, you've got to wait until the temperature drops in September (and if you're smart, you'll head to the North East United States)...and you have to appreciate every minute because it's going to be another 9 or 10 months before she comes back around.  There's such a contradiction between life & death when brisk air breathes life into almost every thing alive to breath it, but you're surrounded by dying leaves. Funny little season.

Personally, I get pretty excited about Fashion (don't judge,) hot coffee (occasional cider,) and most importantly, music to custom fit your every move. I'll reiterate that I'm still embracing these last few weeks of Summer, maybe another beach trip is in my future, maybe not...who cares, really?

This particular Fall, I'm excited for a different reason...I've got new songs and I plan on making a record out of them. So far I've scheduled a couple of recording dates, one of which is at a place with really great instruments & atmosphere, the other is at a place with no instruments and potential atmosphere (i've never been there.) The first location will be a place to lay down the tracks, and the latter will hopefully be to fill in the blanks. I'm telling you about it, so I feel more of an obligation to not F$%# it up, but also because I'm pretty damn anxious to get started. I need to leave my comfort zone of recording at home, because I've rarely produced anything of worth here. This should prove to be an interesting moment in my music creation. I can't promise a full record because I don't have unlimited studio time, so it might be another EP, but this one will have a homegrown feel and will be a little less pressure induced.

Thanks for reading. Wish me luck. Come see me sing some new songs on Sunday, Oct. 3rd - 8pm - Rockwood Music Hall

Here I am with Jessica Guerrette singing "New York In The Fall"...enjoy:


Much love.