Fallon, Pavement & Pavich?

Listen, I'm not whoring my blog out for ad-space, but us Italian/Croatian hybrid's stick together...so when one Ich says to the other Ich "can you spread the word about my opportunity to play guitar with the band Pavement on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" I say...HELL YESSICH! Not to mention my undying love for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, of which all would be right in the world if Sara Bareilles was the music director (sorry Questlove) & Blake Lively was his sidekick (sorry Higgins.)

Check out my buddy Stjepan Pavich, he's one of 5 finalists in this contest to play guita....if you dont know what the contest is from the last paragraph, you might need to reevaluate how you read stuff.

Here's the link...and VOTE FOR STJEPAN P. as much as you can. If not for me, than for Astoria, NY & your heritage.

Vote HERE - Voting ends 9/17 - so ACT NOW!