Free Solo Show - Sun. October 3rd - 8pm

I'm heading out for the weekend to watch two of my friends profess their eternal love to one another as friends & family bear witness to their union in the beautiful state of Florida...(huge breathe.) While this will be a wonderful event and fun is sure to be had, keep in mind I'll be in rigorous training for Sunday, October 3rd at Rockwood Music Hall, only a week away!

If you feel the least bit tempted, click the above it to your it to all of your friends with a friendly line or two about how much they'll enjoy the, it's FREE!  You can be certain next week will be a balls out promotion campaign complete with shot girls, sky-writers & a fancy van in the shape of my head cruising the streets of Manhattan.

Until then, Have a great weekend & I appreciate any and all word of mouth, unless it's bad words, or a dirty mouth, well, I don't mind the dirty mouth so much, as long as the words coming out of that mouth aren't directed towards it? Thanks!

Here's the show's Facebook page