Go to hell, Winter...Here's my Neil Young cover again.

Winter is nice ...when trees are decorated and champagne is popping and it snows for the first time, but holy crap...enough already. Over the weekend I caught a Mercury Lounge set from my buds, The Hotcakes...(buy their freakin' EP, it'll do you some good to rock out once in awhile) and while the mention of this bands name alone brings forth thoughts of warm weather, and how I played guitar for them in what my own personal "Memory Motel" will remember as "The summer my ears lost 4 years of shelf life"...(listen, the venue sucked, not my fault, or was it?)

ANYWAY...afterwards, I was chatting up with keyboard player, Matt Stamm, and he so kindly reminded me of a Neil Young song I recorded this summer. I haven't given it much attention since I posted the track back in June and for those of you who maybe didn't visit this site back then, here's a little Neil Young a la Me. After giving it a late January listen, it helped bring me a little of that beach vibe I've been missing...hope it does the same for you... ENJOY!

[audio http://msooch.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/long-may-you-run-final.mp3]

(If you care to read about why this song, why I recorded it, and why I use this James Vanderberg painting... you can do so here)




Happy dreams of summer!