I give to you...Recorded music.

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"Jubilation & Jealousy"...We're in business folks!  Click the "buy" button and you'll be transported to my BandCamp page. Choose your price and a 9 page digital booklet (pdf) with liner notes & bonus album art/photos is also included (exclusive to bandcamp.) [soundcloud width="100%" height="305" params="secret_url=true" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/603884?secret_token=s-JM0A4"]

iTunes will eventually carry the album, for a set price & without the kick ass digital booklet, so I'm just sayin'...BandCamp is the way to go

SAVE THE DATE and come celebrate with me at JOES PUB - Saturday, 3/26 ...For a $10 ticket - you walk away with a hard copy of the album & a night to remember! (click the image below for more info)

Thank you for listening...please help spread the word, post comments on the tracks, share the links, and all...that...jazz.

I hope you enjoy the music...