Join me Wednesday...

If there's one thing I've learned via the open mic circuit, it's that an acoustic guitar is all I need. The recordings I've been working on might speak differently, but the live performance right now is best when relied on only myself. It's been cause for slight controversy in my own little universe as of late. Do I bother making the recordings sound bigger if I'll only be performing them acoustic? As of this morning, I think the answer is yes. I might need to employ some type of producer/fresh, honest mind to give a listen and opinion.

Regardless, this Rockwood show on Wednesday will be just that, me and an acoustic guitar. Here's the email that went out. If you'd like to receive those emails, reach me here and I'll add you to the list...and "subscribe" to this blog with the button on the right to be notified of new posts.

Hope to see you there...6pm!