Let's Talk About Pop, Sara B...

I think I'm a good person to discuss pop music with.  I've grown into an appreciator, and sometimes I'm a contradictor, but only when there's something I don't like.

But let me shine some light for those who don't believe. Pop music is like Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, or maybe even True Love?  And oversaturation is their Kryptonite. Santa's got the right idea. Come in, hit us hard and hide out for 364 days (maybe some of our current pop stars should take a page from this book) But still, oversaturation, ie: the internet, prevents kids from believing as long as they should (half assed point, you say? maybe...just stay with me.)  The Tooth Fairy, tough to say, but it's a year round job, and since that stupid movie with The Rock, a little more high profile these days (I'm just assuming it was a stupid movie, and I think its a safe assumption) but also, no one really cares about the Tooth Fairy, let's be honest.  True Love? completely over saturated and if there were numbers on this sort of thing, I'm sure they'd be down. I'm sure you could go by the 'marriage rate' ...Where am I going with this?  who the hell knows...

I've written of my day job before, radio station, cool events, meeting cool musicians and pop artists, and so on...I understand that I have an upper hand on most people, in that the rate at which I witness amazing talent is much more frequent.  It's an interesting contradiction, because these artists are popular, very popular. Why are they popular? Because they write songs that are catchy, or "hooky" and they pick up a momentum on popular radio stations around the country.  This is the kind of thing "indie" artists don't experience on a grand scale. I am a big fan of those artists and public supported radio that play them, but I'm not blind to the talent that's hidden amongst pop artists as well. The contradiction, is that pop musicians are more talented than people think and  you like to think that would HAVE to be the recipe for something to be popular. That's not always the case.

The oversaturation has ruined people's appreciation of popular artists. There's plenty of "crap" out there, and there's a lot of overproduced stuff as well. The crap, just so happens to be insanely catchy, which makes it popular, which takes away from the talent of others. I think it's a damn shame.  I won't list what I think to be crap, because it's not what you think it is. Im the first person to jump up and down on the dance floor when "Since You've Been Gone" & "I Kissed A Girl" come over the speaker, and while I have a problem with the hair bands of the 80's, you can't go wrong with a Huey Lewis hit.  The point I'm trying to get at, is much more complicated than I can explain in the time I have to explain it...but the 2 main points, are that Popular Radio is an amazingly flawed medium (which is a problem we will NOT be solving on this blog right now) and pop artists are more talented than people think (read on.)

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned the new Sara Bareilles song. PERFECT case in point of the all around talent needed on the radio. You most definitely know her hit, "Love Song," from a few years ago. The knew song, off of the new record "Kaleidoscope Heart" due out September 7th, is called "King Of Anything" and it's wittier, catchier and extremely well written. I had the chance to see her do an acoustic set last night. A couple of old, and a couple of the new tracks. Talk about pure talent. Great piano playing, excellent stage presence, and FLAWLESS vocals. I'm not breaking any news here...obviously, she's signed to a deal, she's had a radio hit and another, now...but when you see it in person, and bare bones without the magic of the studio, it brings hope for popular music. The new songs were amazing, melodic, "hooky" and tied together nicely with her band, but i have to say, the highlight came when she sang "Gravity" from her first record. Slower live, than on the recording, she hits a note in the middle of the song, that puts to shame other singers. Not only was it a difficult note to hit, but she didn't even flutter. It was flawless, one of the most beautiful things I've heard in a while. It brought to mind Alison Krauss type genius. If you don't know who Alison Krauss is, I recommend you pick up these tracks (all from the same record)..."Restless," "Crazy As Me," "Gravity" (oddly enough she has a "gravity" as well), & "A Living Prayer." ... Als0, you should just pick up the record  she did with Robert Plant,"Raising Sand", produced by T-Bone Burnett, it's a must have.

The vocal work on "A Living Prayer" is what I'm reminded of in Sara B's "Gravity." There's a ton of other successful, amazing talents out there, but this post goes to Sara. Bravo. Here's the new song, listen to how well it's written...you're gonna keep listening, I promise.


Here's to some really good pop music...