Makin' Tracks Available...

In a week I'll be recording...and realizing the only music I have available for download is the Settle Down ep, I wanted to put some tracks out there. MySpace was streaming some variation of the Shoddy Equipment Demo for a while, and if you were one of the few folks who bought it in person, you were lucky enough to get one of James Vanderbergs individually hand painted sleeves (and a batch of additional tracks.) But as far as a release, it was never available for download.  I guess I was always just waiting for some "other recordings" to dwarf the demos, and I would put those out there instead. While that still may happen, I thought I should at LEAST put out an abridged "Shoddy Equipment Demo" for purchase (cheap) in anticipation for what will be a new record sometime in 2011. Thanks to the fantastic people Im meeting at all sorts of Open Mics around the area, I was turned onto a GREAT website for digital distribution. It's called BandCamp, and I highly recommend it for any other artists reading this. I liked the site so much...I bought the company!

That's not true...but I did make a page!

Ive decided to put out an abridged "Settle Down ep" as well, and in my opinion maybe how it should have been released in the first place, with 3 full songs for purchase: Settle Down, New York In The Fall, Stupid Outfits and the short Harmonium piece available for Free. (The full 6 song ep is still available on iTunes if you'd prefer the extra tracks on that one...I have my reasons for cutting this ep in half, and I'll happily discuss it with you.)

Shoddy Equipment Demo (vol. 1) consists of 4 select demo tracks, and as the title suggests,  SHODDY. About Us, Last Thing On My Mind, 12:19 & Coney Island Fairlane (Piano version.)

Some of these Demos might make it on the new record, with proper attention in the studio, but I've always been pleased with these recordings (James' harmonica part on "About Us" always gets me,) and so I think it's only fitting to let you have them as more than a stream. Please note any "pops & clicks" you hear on the tracks are MY FAULT, not's not your headphones, or your media player, it is shoddy equipment. This release is also available on iTunes, if you like.

All info is at the bandcamp site, and you can get there via the MUSIC tab up top, the "music.esmatteo" button on the side bar or clicking the logo below:

I'm going to try and keep this post up for a while, so please forward the link and spread the word!

And as always, thanks for listening...


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