mi hacienda es tu hacienda

editors note: This post wasn't edited...enjoy the typos & digressions. This blog is fast becoming everything I want it to be. While busy telling you about writing & recording songs, booking shows & trimming the hedges (i have no hedges...unless you consider my newly crafted mustache ... relax it's only temporary, my beard lost a bet) this blog also gives me the medium to gush/share my thoughts on my favorite artists.

The band of choice today is a group I witnessed as an opening act, but later found out they were also known as The Fast Five backing up Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys on his solo outing. This group is Hacienda.  I bought their first CD that night, and later found that the live trumped the recorded. No worries, I didnt hold it against them. Witnessing this band live was pretty awesome and I'm probably not the first to compare this experience to something out of 1960's rock & roll...but it's like something out of 1960's rock & roll.  NEVER have I heard a bass player's instrument, the bass (for anyone who wasn't sure,) cut through like that night. This guy, who is called Rene Villanueva, drove the band with his bass line and I was hooked.  I left that night feeling as though I just got to see The Band before they were The Band. Similarly, when I first heard the band Dawes last fall and saw them in Brooklyn, I left feeling as though I had seen The Band, just after they became The Band. I guess these days it's all about The Band. The Dawes post is a whole other animal that I may get to eventually, as they are quite possibly my favorite NEW band. Note I capitalize NEW because I don't want my many readers to say "YOUR FAVORITE BAND?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT ABOUT SAM SHAM & THE PHARAOHS!"...let the record show Sam Sham & The Pharaohs are known for "Wooly Bully. Let the record also show that was for the sake of a joke, although one of the best rock & roll songs they are no where near my favorite band. WHAT A DIGRESSION!

To explain my comparison, The Band, before they were "The Band", were known as The Hawks famously backing Bob Dylan on his electric tour in the 60s. They were also known as a band that could play ANYTHING. Among them were 4 lead singers, always sharing duties and not one front man.  Hacienda give me this impression. Maybe because they've done their stint as "backing band" to Dan Auerbach, as mentioned above...or maybe because together they can sing in beautiful harmony, or alone they can wail. Either way, I feel like music is on the up and bands are starting to not suck anymore. I'm happy when I see shows like this.

Hacienda have a new record in stores Tuesday, "Big Red & Barbacoa" and they've streamed a song for our listening pleasure. Click the link and eat up how much they invoke The Beach Boys...because dammit, these days The Beach Boys AKA Mike Love don't even sound like The Beach Boys, and someones gotta do it.

"I Keep Waiting" - Hacienda