The Bridge!/Supposing I Was Tough - Digital 7"

Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 1.57.02 AM

Finally, some proof that I'm actually working when I say, and not just tweeting pictures of my recording equipment.  These 2 tracks are a taste of the new record, "Layers," which should/will be ready for release in Fall 2012.  Part of me just couldn't wait that long to give some away, and I'm glad to give it to you for $0 dollars.  The tracks are up on BandCamp as a free download (just enter $0 when prompted after clicking "download",)  and if you're so inclined, BandCamp allows you to put some $$ toward my craft if you wish to donate (Download comes with a one page liner note .jpeg)

If you've been following my efforts closely, this isn't the first time you've seen me categorize a recording as a Digital 7".  I should give credit where it's due, but I'm not 100% sure where I first saw it.  I'm fairly certain it was an artist from the Merge Records gang. I love the idea of a single, and aside from Vinyl being popular again, it's not cheap and I'd hate for that to stand in the way of putting one out  So, until the day I release a vinyl print, let's all enjoy these Digital 45's together....ahhhh, feels good, right?

I can NOT thank the band enough, and many more accolades to come once the album is finished, but for to Matt Farina, Brian Kesley, & Sono Loreto, with a guest appearance by Dan Charness. Throw in a Devon C. Johnson for his post production work and that's not a bad a team goin' there.  Additionally, you may recognize a trend in artwork with my music. As usual, this is thanks to a dear friend and incredibly talented artist,  James Vanderberg allowing me to associate my work with his. I'm a lucky fella to be surrounded by such talent.

It's no coincidence these are released in time for my trip south to Bonnaroo, and if you catch me on the road down, or at the festival itself, you can grab a hard copy & a sticker (see picture below.)  To be honest, you can catch me on the street in NYC and I'll probably give you one....just ask.

Speaking of which, BONNAROO is happening NEXT WEEK! If you're heading down, all the details on when I'm playing are HERE, and I'd love to see some friendly faces out on the pig farm!

See ya out there!