New Music Tuesday: SUCKA, I GOT-CHOO!

So it IS new music Tuesday, but I fooled you!! Because the artist I'm talking about here isn't releasing anything today, hahah! Get it?! I could have posted this on ANY day of the week but I chose today so I could fool you!!

You might be saying to yourself, "who's this handsome fella? and why is the picture so large?" and rightly so. Unless you're a dedicated MMJ (My Morning Jacket) fan, you don't know the answer to that. Actually, I wouldn't have even picked him out, because I don't recall him wearing glasses and as we are all well aware, Clark Kent has been pulling that gag on us for the better part of a century.
AAAANYWAY, this guy is called Carl Broemel. He's best known as the guitarist for My Morning Jacket, and will soon be known as the guitarist for My Morning Jacket who put out a damn good solo record. I'm only speculating because I don't have the entire album *cough*cough*send it to me friend on the inside*cough*cough.
However, although my celebrity as blogger may not garner me special treatment, I DO have access to what everyone else has, so at least i know I'm not BELOW the norm. Point is, go to Carl's website, sign up for the mailing list and get a free download of his first released track Heaven Knows. It's good. Actually, it's better than good. It's very good. Pretty, and mellow and if he stays on that course for the entire musical record album, I think he'll have a damn good solo release.
It's called "All Birds Say" and will be available to us little people August 31st on ATO Records, soooo buy it.
That is all for this post. This is why songwriting is hard for me, because I interrupt my own process to write things like this.