Oh, it's just a random cut kinda weekend...

I just made an awesome egg sandwich. I know a few people who find it very sad to picture people eating by themselves. While I can understand that, and sometimes depress myself when I eat alone,  9 out of 10 times I enjoy letting my mind wander. Much like this random horse. Also, if it weren't for moments like that, I wouldn't come up with winner ideas like this EXTREMELY Random Cut Playlist. Why do playlists always have to make sense? They don't, says I, so here's a weekend list for you to scoff at, listen to, pawn off as your own...anything you want to do with it, really: I Know There's An Answer - The Beach Boys - Track 2/Side 2 of Pet Sounds.You might find it helpful to buy a record player, but I guess you could just buy an mp3.

Kid Things - Counting Crows - The bonus track on "This Desert Life." (Note: for this paragraph, i'll highlight and link all retro references in bold for those born on or after 1992) I remember listening to this CD for the first time when I was living at home during college. Picture it, Astoria, 1999.  There I am, in the laundry room, playing Snood on my Gateway Computer. "St.Robinson's Cadillac Dream" finishes and I think, "man, what a great album." I didn't think to look at myWinAmp and see that it was still running. Of course, as Snood tended, things got intense and I was on the verge of a new record (at least in this version of the story) and BAM! more Counting Crows (ZING!) from the speakers. This resulted in a very frightened me for a moment, but I then realized this was all leading to another track. This became one of my favorite tracks, which was also annoying because I'd have to hold down the scan button on my Discman to hear it at will. Anyway, good song.

Hound Dog - Hacienda - This new album of theirs has very "Beach Boy" moments. Aside from the obvious "I Keep Waiting" this is a random cut from them that reminds me a little of The BB's "I Know There's An Answer", so I thought I'd toss it in in an effort to give this extremely random list some kind of connection.

I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out - Elliot Smith - From the Speed Trials EP. This song has a very cool 4 track demo feel to it, complete with obvious dubs and Elliot's patented happy melody/sad song contradiction.

So Alive - Ryan Adams - Remember his "Rock'n'Roll" album? Under appreciated? I think so.

Quiet Town - Josh Rouse - This guy writes good songs. You know you've got a good "sleeper" when you realize you've got ALL of someone's records and they haven't broke through mainstream, yet. Best of luck, Josh...I have a feeling you're doing just fine. Keep up the good work.

Creepin' In - Norah Jones - This is a great duet with Norah and Dolly Parton. This was off Norah's second album, "Feels Like Home,"  which sold really well, but didn't make a ton of noise. This is my favorite track, I think because the acoustic guitar solo is amazing. I feel like when I listen to it, my eyes rattle around in my head, trying to imagine playing it.

You Will.You?Will.You?Will.You?Will. - Bright Eyes - This song might have to be the subject of my next "Damn Good Songs" post. The chorus is so genius. Goes from stating "You Will" to asking "Will You?" this is one of those things that I like so much I almost get angry at it. I guess that's all there is to say about that really. Good thing I didn't do an entire post. By the way, this record in it's entirety is one of my favorites. Start to finish, a well crafted album.

Private Eyes - Hall & Oates - How'd this get in here?

This starts my next segment: song's that radio neglected (or never knew about) either way, its a bummer...

Australia - The Shins - These guys are good, and this song is super "hooky"...I think it's always in my mind when I'm making a summer time playlist. OOOOH OOH OOOH OOH.

Geek In The Pink - Jason Mraz - This song will go down in my mind as one of the big mistakes of radio and popular opinion. That this song was never a hit is very disappointing. Even the first single from this record, "Wordplay," was great and really well written...but hey, what can you do. He's one of the lucky ones that struck gold on his next effort. I don't turn this off when it pops up on the ol' WinAmp.

Speaking of radio's biggest mistakes:

Everybody's Changing -Keane - F&^% IT...PUT THIS ENTIRE RECORD ON THE LIST!! These guys got the shaft so bad, it's insulting to anyone with an ear for pop music. This record, "Hopes & Fears," is SO GOOD, you've gotta hear it for yourself. Here's what happens, almost always, when I hear something from "H&F": I'll have my entire iTunes playlist on shuffle and any one of 7, F&@^ing SEVEN, of the songs on this album come on, and when it ends, you can bet your ass Ive stopped shuffling. I become a dancing fool, trying to belt out these impossible vocals. This album should have been, and I'm sure I'll piss off some haters here, but this album SHOULD have been as successful as Matchbox Twenty's debut or *cringe* Creed (whyyyy, they were so I need to think of another example, i can't even finish that thought. But yea, the Matchbox debut had so many hits on it and this should have been as big. For instance, I'm stuck listening to them again right now...buy this album. This playlist is over now.

(side note: I saw Keane live at Radio City, and sat next to Gilbert Gottfried. The funniest part, it WASN'T a coincidence.)

In retrospect, I should have given this list some more love. I promise next time I'll be more serious, but for now how about THIS tease:


I fear this blog prevents me from focusing on songwriting, but it's just so much fun.

Have a nice weekend.