Picture it...Bleeker Street, 2010.

I went for a stroll down Bleeker Street, Saturday afternoon around 3pm. I don't know that I, or anyone else for that matter, ever go down to this neighborhood without thinking of Bob Dylan and what it was like in the 60s. So I consider it fitting, and strange that as I decide to step inside Matt Umanov Guitars, I walk past Jakob Dylan. Knit cap, aviators, not as tall as you think, I have to turn sideways to let him pass, & in classic Matt fashion, I can think of nothing of worth to say.... Me: "Hey Man, how are ya?"

Him: "Hey, good"

the end.

Why is this classic Matt fashion? Because when The Wallflowers put out "Rebel, Sweetheart" they came up to the radio station (my employer) for an interview, and thankfully it wasn't my job to conduct the interview, because I had nothing. I even had a moment where Jakob was hanging out on a couch and I was standing around nearby. I think I said something about the new record, but it was a pretty stupid something, that's for certain.

Jakob: 2 , Matt: 0

I'm looking forward to tonight's show at City Winery a great deal. Maybe I'll make this a hat-trick...stay tuned.

As a side note, I did take the opportunity to hang out in Umanov & play a $3,000 vintage guitar I hope to one day steal purchase.  Then I went across the street for 2 rounds of the $8 PBR/Oyster special.  Unnecessary was the espresso on my walk back to the car. Once in my gut, I can only imagine the espresso punching the oysters in the gut repeatedly with brass knuckles...

A lovely Saturday, though..really.