Post-Show-Post: Caffe Vivaldi

Ummmm...Some words to describe last night at Caffe Vivaldi:  Touched. Pleased. Grateful. Flattered. Love. Lust. French Kissing. And so on...

I can't say this enough...Thank You!  To all who made it out last night to see me play some songs, thank you for listening so intently. Thank you for smelling nice, and thank you for being so damn good lookin'. This was truly a thrill to see a packed house with so many new faces among the familiar ones.

On top of some shows I've got booked through winter, It's looking like my record will be finished in a couple of months, which means I can finally focus on a new batch of songs that I've been mapping out and haven't really given any time, which means I can start playing them live, which means YOU get to hear new material. Meantime, the response to the current material is enough to inspire me to keep working hard and, to date, thats the best feeling I've had musically. So, thanks.

If anyone happened to take photos, video or audio recordings last night, please post em on my Facebook page: and if you can please help spread the word, send people there and get those "likes" up, or send em here or to any of the links running down the side of this page...your help in creating an online presence goes a long way.

Looking forward to next time, thanks again for being amazing and see ya soon!