Post-Show-Post: "Layers" Record Release (Thank You)

Rockwood Layers Release - Full Band - JJ

oof...Friday night was incredible. It would've been less incredible if the place was empty, which it was most definitely not. To everyone that came out, and everyone that hung around after to greet me in all of my sweaty glory, THANK YOU.

As for the place, it was an honor to put out this record at Rockwood Music Hall, and I couldn't be happier to have such a fine stage & staff to keep coming back to each month.

Obviously, thanks to my killin' band...Brian, Matt, & Alan, It's always a pleasure (honorable mention to Thomas & Satish, for sitting in on horns.) Stephen & Jacquie from Concrete Management, and Jeff Barry, as always for getting it all on film.

Additionally, thanks to my friend Sandy's amazing artwork, we were able to raise a couple hundred dollars for American Red Cross in poster sales (which I still have, so if anyone wants a poster, I'll continue to accept donations...EMAIL ME or come out to more shows,) and Toys for Tots left with a good bit of toys...for tots.

I'm happy to say the album is available now via Bandcamp in both Digital & Hard Copy form (download comes with digital booklet.)

iTunes will be on-board really soon, and I'll let you know when.

Below is one of my favorite moments from Friday night, and there are more videos HERE.