Post Show Post: Nashville/Bonnaroo (June '12)

The band at Cafe Where

I'm unwinding after a pretty rad week.  I tried documenting it as much as I could on my own iPhone, but I was consciously lax in that department knowing I had a film crew with me.  So this is some stuff I captured, when I remembered, or some photos sent to me by friends. Sun., House concert in King George, VA: Rachel Epp, and her wonderful family hosted a great evening with myself, Dan Lavoie, & Brandon Anderson.  Mild rain delay forced us to unplug and take cover, but the sun came back out and it made for an even better night. It was in my best interest to take a solid chunk out of an 11 hour drive to Nashville that night, so I hit the road shortly after we finished...

Mon-Wed, Nashville: 14 hours later (stopped in a parking lot to sleep for a few hours.)  As a singer/songwriter, this has been a long overdue visit, and it was a great pre-cursor to Bonnaroo.  Played a few acoustic sets with some good pals, and great songwriters, Todd KramerDaniel McKenzie, & Mia Rose.  (Note: In this scene, Jeff & Kait fly in from NYC to start documenting.) Though I did meet some great folks, 3 days is just not nearly enough time, so I'm sure I'll be back...soon.  (Also of note, Todd Kramer & I were finally able to finish a co-write we started a while back. Maybe it's something in the water in Nashville, or maybe it's the Shiner Bock.)

Thurs - Sun., Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN:  Not once did we hit the feared "nightmare" traffic that I've heard so much about, so I'm thankful for that. This was my first Bonnaroo, and to be there as a performer was as exciting as I'd hoped.  Watching so many outstanding performances by some of music's most popular acts only fueled the anticipation and, come Saturday night, we hit the stage on fire. It is still a staggering thought that all of these acts are in one place at the same time, and to play among them was an absolute honor.  Meeting a ton of new people, wether they were musicians or music lovers, is worth the trip alone and as an added bonus, a photo shoot with rock photographer, Danny Clinch, made it all the more incredible (google him.)

I couldn't be more grateful to my band, Matt Farina, Brian Kesley, & Alan Markley for taking a trip to TN, and to Jeff Barry & Kait Kurowsky for documenting the entire thing.  I've said it before, but I'm a lucky fella.

More exciting opportunities are on the horizon as the summer carries on, but I'll be playing mostly acoustic through June & July, while focusing on finishing up the new record (this is me sort of talking about it: HERE.) I feel like I'm always finishing a blog post excited about what's to come, and I suppose if that ever changes, I should consider a new calling, so thanks for all of your support, & kind words.  To all the new people I met in TN, it was a pleasure, I hope you'll stay in touch and please share the music!

Be good, & talk soon...