Post Show Post: Rockwood Music Hall 10.3.2010

Thank you to all who made it out to the Rockwood show on Sunday! I love that venue, and it was great to finally get my foot in the door AND have the chance to play a few new songs.

Also, pretty rad to find out Ari Hest had booked the slot after me... I've been familiar with his name for a long time, but having never heard his work I was very impressed with his vocals. Great songs, too.  The kicker, though, was recognizing a familiar face in the crowd, the SUPER talented Matt Beck. He was there to see Ari, but I noticed him as I was walking off stage.  I've been watching Matt perform for easily 7 years when he started as a sideman for Matchbox Twenty on their last record. After that, he toured with Rob Thomas' solo work, and seeing as I work at a pretty major radio station, you can see the connection. Side note: we can have the Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty discussion in person if you like, or via the comments section of this post, but I won't get into it right now...I'm a fan. All of this was followed by an appearance from Colin Smith, formerly of Mr.North & now doing a solo thing, whom I had met back in college days...So it was a strange night of people that only proves if you go to Rockwood Music Hall you're bound to see someone cool.

As I've mentioned in the past, this Fall is exciting for me because I have plans to hunker down and record in mid-November. Not sure exactly what will come of theses sessions, so I try not to discuss it too much for fear of jinxing the whole thing...yea, I just used the word "Jinxing"...Siiiiiiike, no i didn't!  But something is definitely going to come of it, and I'm pretty certain the 2 songs I've posted below will make the cut.

These are in their most raw, Flip Video form, so be gentle...(by the way, Dad, if you ever wanted to know what you look like playing guitar circa 1976, see below)

I hope you enjoy them, see ya!


More Rockwood Video HERE!

Jubilation & Jealousy


Woman, You Will Be The Death Of Me