Pre-show Pro-Mo...

I find it funny how some people might refer to using blogs/twitter/Facebook and so on, to market yourself, as passe ...It's easy for famous folks to say so when they have a team of individuals getting the word out on all the goings on of the artist. I, actually, joined all 3 of those social media networks to do EXACTLY THAT. When it's just me, it's just me dammit.  So with that, I say: Come out to Astoria, Queens tonight. The venue is Waltz , it's a cozy little spot...I'm on at 8pm sharp and I'm gonna play some songs I wrote, maybe a song or two I didnt write and I'm going to try and make them all sound reaaaal purty.  Also, it's FREE!

How do you get there? glad you asked:

-from Manhattan take the N or Q train Uptown to Queens. Get off at the last stop (Ditmars Blvd.) make a left at Starbucks and walk to 24th Street. Waltz is just ahead of you on Ditmars blvd. and you'll have passed Fatty's, which we'll all get to know a little better after the set when we go drink alcoholic beverages together.

2 common misconceptions about Astoria, Queens:

-It, in fact, is awesome.

-It's a lot closer than you think.

Here's a picture of me writing this post:

See you there!