Random October Playlist

I like to slap together a mix every once in a while completely at random. This will consist of music I've jut been circulating a lot lately, so you'll see a bunch of songs I've most likely posted on Facebook, or Twitter, or Friendster (haha, imagine?)...Not all of this music is NEW, some of these artists & their songs have been out for a while, and I've just either been listening on repeat for a while or I'm flat out late to the party...

So, enjoy, and I'll try to keep it evenly spaced out between Pop & not so Pop.... (while you're here, I've posted some videos from my Rockwood show & a cover of Ray LaMontagne's "Jolene"...scroll past this post, or click the "Moving Image" tab up top...thanks!)


Bruno Mars - Grenade - Bruno Mars is my latest pop infatuation. I'm always impressed with the producer/writer/singer/performer super talents, and he's the latest to fit that bill. Not to mention he's got that old style, and I love that old style. Except next time, Bruno, think twice before you do the coke in a public restroo...actually, you know what, I'm no good at Public Service Announcements...take it away, Pee Wee. Either way, this guy writes hit songs, and he'll likely be around for a while. This is a great track to get started with and it just so happens to be the first track on his debut album "Doo Wops & Hooligans" (great title.)  Other standouts: "Runaway Baby," "The Other Side," & "Liquor Store Blues" WARNING: THIS IS POP MUSIC.

Toro Y Moi - Leave Everywhere - A friend of mine turned me on to this fella. Really great vibe on this song, and reminds me of Hacienda, a band I've pumped up on this blog many times before. The difference is, this is one of those "Stage Name" jobbies. Chazwick Bundick is his name (which sounds like a stage name in itself) and he's not all this style, which makes for an interesting listen through his material...you never know what you'll get next. Of all that I've heard, this is the track that I dig the most.

Josh Rouse - I Will Live On Islands -(click the title for a link to his site where you can download a great live version of this song as part of the FREE EP)  I understand this song doesn't exactly scream "FALL" but I never said this was that kind of list, and don't worry, if you know me, I'll head in that direction eventually.  THIS track, is just feel good. Great story, told in a very groovy way, and 2 KILLER guitar breakdowns. Become a fan of this man...he writes great songs.

Sara Bareilles - Basket Case - Yea, yea, I have a "thing" for Sara Bareilles. This song is beautiful. Well written, and really well produced. Listening to this ONE track on her album and I forget I'm hearing a major pop star. This could cut it on FUV or your local AAA radio station, known for a more indie playlist. I love the bass drum hit when she moves to the bridge...which is a REALLY well written bridge. (choice lyric: "I don't say much and it'll stay that way , You got a steel train touch and I'm just a track you lay, So I'll stay right here underneath you, I'm just a Basket Case...that's what we do.")

Carl Broemel - Retired - I've mentioned Carl in the past, he's the lead guitarist for My Morning Jacket & his solo album is verrrrrry mellow. Really talented guy. Jazzy, lush arrangements. "Heaven Knows" was the last track of his I wrote about. This is on the same wavelength, so don't expect anything crazy. This is a press play and drive, slowly, through the country kinda song.

The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin - This...song...is....gorgeous. Beautiful video too (hit the link.) I have and will continue to listen to this song on repeat. The harmony, the guitar and the lead singers voice are all just equally intense and together they make the perfect storm.  I've mentioned that when I hear this song, time stops. It's weird. Everything goes in slow motion, or your life suddenly becomes a scene in your favorite movie. Give it a try...unless your favorite movie is "The Human Centipede"...I can't help you there, and i dont think anyone else can either.

The Secret Sisters - The One I Love Is Gone - This album is OUT TODAY. Buy it. These girls are a freak of nature. Not in "The Bearded Lady" sense. They're just a couple of sisters who just landed in the lap of one of the world's greatest producers...T-Bone Burnett. I went to a showcase in NYC to see them live last month. The talent was just pure, unaffected by technology and the turn of the century, and i'm talking 20th century (not really.) I spoke with their band at one point, and even they were speaking how some people work years in the business to no avail, and these ladies from Muscle Shoals Alabama (i didnt know anyone was actually FROM there) just struck gold. From the stage, the sisters told a story about how T-Bone taught them this song, and it was probably the most moving performance of the night. So dark and sad. The video posted here is from a Bluegrass festival, and you can see Steve Earle & T-Bone Burnett watching from backstage. Unfortunately, Jack White did NOT come out and kill "Big River" with them. It's not on the record, so you have to buy that single separately, however...it's KICK ASS.

The Moondoggies - Empress of the North - I'd heard of this band maybe last year? but didn't listen to their music until last week. Turns out they're doing some dates with DAWES (yea, THE Dawes) and the same day I hear about that, I find out later this month a band I know will be opening for The Moondoggies. Strange coincidence...not really, I guess. Anyway. This song is nice. Most of their stuff is a little more mid-tempo rock, and it's good (ie: "It's Hard To Love Someone" is a good song) but this one is a nice strummer, and a really cool video. (by the way, the band I know is called Hollis Brown, give 'em some love and go see them open for The Moondoggies at Mercury Loung in NYC on October 27th.)

Ray Lamontagne - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise - I've mentioned this song before, so i'll keep it short. Just listen to the lyrics. It's a love letter from a cattle driver to his woman back home, complete with an "all my Love" signature. Just beautifully done. and the percussion is so subtle & perfect.

Neil Young - Love & War - The new album from Neil Young has been extremely inspirational to me. Produced by Daniel Lanois, it's Neil and Neil alone. No drums, just guitars & production. If we're going on most played, then this is my favorite track. I just love the slight delay on the acoustic guitar, and the latin feel of the riff he plays between verses. Fantastic. (choice lyric: "Saddest thing in the whole wide world, is to break the heart of your lover. I made a mistake and i did it again, and we struggled to recover")

Matt Mays - Queen of Portland St. - This is a free download on his website, and I downloaded it this morning. The song I've been listening to for a couple of months is "It Wasn't Meant To Be", but this one is really good too. A friend of mine told me about him on our long ride back from a My Morning Jacket/Tom Petty concert.  I went home and checked out his stuff, and holy moly! what a catalog! This guy's got a ton of music available. Upon hearing this track, once, I can only compare it to Bruce (Springsteen) and thats a good comparison.

Josh Ritter - 500 miles (Hedy West cover) - this was another free download for being on his mailing list, i think. So I could only find you a video of Josh Ritter doing this with his wife Dawn Landes. Not sure if it's her singing on the recording I have, but it's still a pretty song. I've only recently started listening to his music, so there's a lot of work still to be done.

The Love Language - Heart To Tell -WHOA. what a freakin song. So catchy. I love how it's produced and this guys voice is pretty incredible in the sense that you feel he's about to peak, but he doesn't and that's cool. Another one of those "Stage Name" guys, he's got a band on tour, but I think in the studio he's a one man show.

Maroon 5 - Get Back In My Life - Umm. Their new album, "Hands All Over" is full of songs, as albums are, except these are BIG songs. Mutt Lange produced, and I think his intention was to make a BIG SOUND. The grooves are so insane, I found myself actually moving on the subway. I had to catch myself  from being this guy. Anyway, this is one of my favorites. Just right out of the gate this song has you hooked. Decent enough way to end this mix.

I hope I opened your eyes to something new & cool.

see ya