Recording is fun...

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Here's a good old fashioned ramble outta me:Tracked some drums last night with Matt Farina...exciting stuff. My pal, Devon C. Johnson engineered the session and I'm gonna say I got pretty damn giddy. We're only working on a couple of tracks, a cover you may or may not have already heard, and a "b-side" from Jubilation & Jealousy. Why am I so excited? Because I engineered & produced the full album ("j&j" as I like to call it) and i didnt know the first thing about recording drums. I learned a lot during that process and I couldn't be happier with how the record came out. NOW...seeing how differently things work when you let other folks into the process, is where the excitement comes in. A lot less pressure. I'll always produce my own stuff, I just know what I want to hear, but there's a ton to be said about extra hands and ears that know what's up...and for that, I'm giddy about what's been accomplished in a short amount of time.

Thanks for the studio, Joe...the ears, Devon...and the skills, Matt. We're gonna have a lot of fun, I can smell it....and it kinda smells like a wet dog. Gross. But it's a clean wet dog, so not that gross. What the hell just happened to this blog post? Here's a pic of Devon at the controls...


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