Scrounging The Bowery

I remember when the counting crows put out "hard candy"...I remember they played a one-off acoustic show at bowery ballroom (that would later prove itself to be one of my best concert experiences) and i also remember not having tickets. I want to say it was 2002/2003 ish? My friends and i made it happen. How? We scrounged the Bowery. (this is a term I am coining at this very moment.) we went down and hoped to either scalp or be among the many who are there when they put up last minute tickets for sale.

This method of concert going is a rush. So much so that Im choosing to use the last few minutes of life left on my phone to type out this post. Adrenaline is pumping. Good music does this to people.

Point of the story...just when you think you're "too old for that" I say ....F@#% IT!! She & Him are at Bowery tonight, and I find myself without tickets. F@#% that! Just as exciting as it used to be. Except these days that almighty dollar hurts a little more when it means no dinner. Dinner is overrated anyway. This is gonna be a good show.

Moral? Scrounge the Bowery, kids. Scrounge the Bowery.