Songs To Put A 'Spring' In Your Step...

I love making music playlists.  Sometimes I put entirely too much thought into a list, and other times I can slap em together in no time (turns out, it's a lot like songwriting)...this list is the latter. In honor of this beautiful sunshine, here are a handful of songs that I didn't even begin to second guess, as they popped into my head at the simple thought of Spring. Those of you who know me have probably seen these songs on a list before because they're some of my seasonal favorites, and there's nothing I can do about that... but there are a few new additions as well.  It's going to be 70 in the city this weekend, get off your ass and listen to some good music: "I Need A Dollar" Aloe Blacc - This is the opening theme to HBO's "How To Make It In America", which I'll add is a show I really love, and after seeing the opening credits for the first time I immediately bought this. So, I decided to open this playlist with it. Old school soul in a new package. Let's make it the official Spring anthem, because, shit...I need a dollar.

"Dreamgirl" The Dave Matthews Band - This can easily be replaced by "You & Me" off of their latest record for anyone looking for something newer, but for me the intro, the guitar line and the vocal immediately brings to mind iced coffee and the palest, winter worn skin just looking for some love.

"Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" - Otis Redding - Do I really have to explain myself?

"World Is Waiting" - The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn - Make your very own Rob Reiner film! Grab a city pretzel, do some shopping and if you have someone you care for deeply, bring him/her along to enhance the experience. Make sure you fight, break up and work things up before its all over.

"Sec Walkin" - My Morning Jacket - "Left leg, Right leg, One leg at a time...I keep on walkin"  Mellow song, good vibe. Jim James has a stupendous voice. This song puts me on my own little "lebowski" trip.

"Here Comes The Sun Again" - M. Ward - See my last blog post to learn of my affection for this song. "Oh, But if you're gonna stay, Show some mercy today...Blow a little breeze on my face"  with lyrics like that, you don't lose - EVER.

"Kodachrome" Paul Simon - ummmm, go take some pictures?

"In The Sun" - She  & Him - A little M.Ward sandwich, but it's not his solo work, so it's allowed on the list. Again, check my last post for thoughts on this group. Tasteful guitar work is the key to this song, but the singalong chorus doesn't hurt and the sentiment couldn't be more fitting.

"Rosalyn" - Thad Cockrell - This fella hasn't yet gained the status he deserves. I was introduced to him last March, and this song will forever remind me of the first days of Spring. It's so beautifully written and sung. Great work.

"La Vie En Rose" - Preservation Hall Jazz Band/ Angelique Kidjo & Terrence Blanchard - A little French never hurt anybody. This is a beautiful song, and I've never heard a version I didn't love. If you ever bump into Jessica Guerrette, of Vanderette "fame", more recently proprietor & co-creator of Food Blog Brooklyn Plated , and she's holding a guitar, ask her to sing this, you won't regret it.

There you have it, clocks in at just over a half hour. That should take care of your morning commute and enough to at least kick start the season for you.

Speaking of kicking things off, start your weekend on a Thursday Night with me, TONIGHT, at The Bowery Electric - 8pm for a rollickin' set...

THEN, Friday Night in Queens I'm at The Waltz-Astoria - 9pm - solo & acoustic.