Studio Post - Back at it...

Screen Shot 2012-02-03 at 10.38.02 AM

"Jubilation & Jealousy" was recorded in isolation, without wi-fi, or a proper bed, for that matter. All I have to remember the experience is my elephants memory, some photos, and a "Daily Journal" written in Microsoft Word which may or may not, at some point, include the words "...afraid to go downstairs" ...among other recording related notes. Point is, this time around, I'm making more of an effort to document the experience publicly.  Making this record at home, for the most part (other than tracking drums in a remote location deep in the heart of Brooklyn,) I can't help but feel overwhelming joy  at the presence of wireless internet. Nothing beats cracking that mic, strumming the guitar, and thinking about my next tweet all at the same time. I kid, I kid...everybody knows wifi can potentially interfere with the recording, so i make sure to turn it off when Im getting down and dirty in the studio...or do I?!

Anywho, it's go time.  Amidst some other exciting projects, and an addiction to Stacy's pita chips, I'm in full on "record making mode."  To prove it, here's Brian Kesley KILLING IT on bass...

and here's Matt Farina KILLING IT on drums:

As you can see, we're killing it!


Thurs. 2/9 - Lestat's, San Diego

Fri. 2/10 - Room 5 Lounge, Los Angeles

Sat. 2/11 - Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco (with Jeff Campbell & Brad Brooks)



alllllso, I should mention M.Ward has new music out. This thrills me, to no end. Check out the first release.