Studio Post - Patience?

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oof.  As much as I enjoy making music, one of the hardest parts is being patient.  This post being a product of the headache I gave myself, having just scribbled down a staggering list of notes from my most recent mixes. There are pro's and con's to doing this thing myself. The pro's being that I have the ability to make the necessary changes rather than waiting for someone to send me new mixes. The con being it's much easier to get in your own head when doing so.  Patience, so important. I can spend 24 hours nonstop listening to the same 6 songs over and over, making adjustments, listening in the car, in headphones, in crappier headphones, and on the laptop, and back into the studio. But you'll shoot yourself in the foot if you can't take the next few days not listening AT ALL.

The same can be said for the likes of album art.  Since I'm looking at an early Fall release, there's nothing stopping me from putting off the artwork until July or August (except that I have way too much fun working on that stuff.)  But after a few rough drafts, and an idea I've been sitting with for a pretty long time, I'm fairly certain I've come up with the cover for the new record (very exciting.)

Moral of the story: be patient. Nothing shines as poorly as a rushed product.

I like to think I'm a pretty organized person, but the desk in my head is littered with post-it notes and trying to make sense of it can be a nightmare. Taking a break is important.  Thankfully, MadMen exists to take my mind off of everything for about 52 minutes a week. How good is this season?! anywho...I'm also thankful my most recent break is over, and I can finally get back to work.

Stay tuned, BIG BIG BIG news coming soon!


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