Studio Update - The End Is Near!

Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 1.58.13 PM

No matter what the project, it's always a big moment when you can start to visualize the end result.  In this case, it's my new album, "Layers," and we're almost there. This past weekend, I went back to my friend's home in Lackawaxen, PA, where I recorded "Jubilation & Jealousy," to polish & handle some final parts. It was certainly great to be back and away from the internet, but more importantly, I had company this time. Devon C. Johnson, a name you've likely heard me mention before, came along as an engineer,  an extra set of ears, and a friend. Having someone of his caliber in my corner has proved to be an invaluable asset, time and time again.

So, the countdown is on. I'm looking at a November release date, and there will be much to celebrate this Fall, aside from being the best season, I'm fairly sure at LEAST 2 of my close friends will also be releasing new music. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, the first 2 releases from "Layers" are now available on Spotify & iTunes, BUT, PLEASE keep in mind they are still FREE over at Bandcamp!! I really don't want you paying for something that you can still get for free.

At one point over the course of the few days, I did a live version of "Head Over Heels" in the exact spot I recorded it almost 2 years ago...check it out  and have a look at some photos below.

Talk soon!