Summer's happenin'

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Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...summer is happening this year, and its gonna be a good one. Took a ride to Philly with my good friend, Jamie Bendell on friday night to play some guitar on her songs...a great night overall, complete with finally seeing a full Rory Sullivan set (NOTE: come see Rory and I share a stage on August 4th at Caffe Vivaldi - more on this show in the months to come, but It'll be something fun and different.) Top off the Philly excursion with a set by an amazing writer, David Cope, who played one of the most unique sets of music ive eve heard...oh, and i signed the wall (see image.)

Also played my first outdoor set of the season thanks to Sandy Irani and her monthly Acoustic Night, which is a great event you should look into being a part of, or just being in the crowd to support...this months was held at the community garden at 6th and B, amazing space. Check out Sandy's event here:

Halfway through June and Ive still got some acoustic sets to play before the big blowout at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2) on July 7th (for information's sake: It's Jamie Bendell's CD release show, and ill be kickin the night off with the band at 7pm.)

Until then, here's what the rest of June looks like, acoustically...

Tues- June 21 - 6pm Make Music NY - Brick Cafe, Astoria, NY Thurs- June 23 - 9pm All Asia - Cambridge, MA Wed- June 29 - 8pm Niall Connolly Song Club (feature performer) CEOL -BK, NY

Hope to see you in the crowd! -M