Sweet, Sweet Sunshine...

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Anybody know any bodies in Poughkeepsie? I'm heading there on Sunday to play music with some friends (Dan Lavoie, Jamie Bendell, Phil Cohen, and others) for a great cause, The Ryan McElroy Children's Cancer Foundation. It's setting up to be a beautiful day, so I'm looking forward to a nice drive and some good people doing some damn good. The event takes place at Noah's Ark in Poughkeepsie, NY...Tickets are $35 and that covers the food/drink & entertainment...proceeds going to the charity, of course. Spread the word if you know anyone in the area, or if you're crazy enough to come with, let's make it a caravan! In other news, big thanks to my pal Jeff Barry for taking some kick ass photos & sneaking a video of one of my new songs...song title is still up in the air, but here's the work-in-progress titled "House of Cards" with my band live at The Living Room last week.  Hope ya dig it!

Matt Sucich live at The Living Room from JeffBarryFilms on Vimeo.

Have a great holiday weekend, looking forward to this summer...big time!