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SXSW this year, for many reasons, kicked ass (If you follow me on any type of social media, I'll just say sorry if I clogged yer precious feed, but for those who don't follow, it's a great place to get a recap, if that sort of thing interests you.)   Last year was a rushed experience, and this time I spent a quality NINE days in Austin, TX. I'm not looking for sympathy. Being "in it" for so long allowed me to make new friends, drink with new friends, and hear new friends (and old) perform...multiple times. As my previous post mentioned, I was honored to be invited to perform at The Outlaw Roadshow, and while I was impressed with their lineup of bands going into the week, I had NO IDEA I'd leave Austin with a few new favorites. SO, thanks, Ryan Spaulding & Adam Duritz, not only for the invite, but for introducing me to some seriously kick-ass bands. 

Oddly enough, the two I've been listening to the most are from the same town in Wisconsin. 1st, Daniel & The Lion. I spent my last day in Austin walking around listening to "Death Head" by these guys, and it couldn't have been a more perfect soundtrack ("Flash Flood" is outrageously good.) NOTE: People of NYC, they're playing the next ACOUSTIC NIGHT on March 29th at The Brooklyn Art Library.

2nd, PHOX.  I didn't have a chance to see them perform at The Outlaw Roadshow because our sets overlapped, however, I made it a priority to catch at least one before the week was out. Holy crap. Everything is done so well, and when I say EVERYTHING it's because you can WATCH THEIR EP. My productivity was seriously halted this morning when I realized one video led to the next, and the next, etc....and in order of their EP track listing. G0 HERE, and hang out for a while.  I'm actually considering starting a Kickstarter campaign just to get Phox to come to NYC.

EVERYONE at this damn showcase was outstanding, so if you're looking for new music, please go here and listen to everyone that Ryan & Adam picked...(if you need guidance: Jay NashRoem BaurGolden Bloom,Tyler Stenson...and so on, yadda yadda yadda.)

Finally, since this is a half-assed recap on SXSW, I'd be silly not to mention the highlight of my trip (aside from the many wonderful shows that I was honored to play, and the new extremely supportive folks I met along the way.) The final act of the Roadshow on Saturday night, Filligar, played "I Shall Be Released" as an encore and invited some folks up...I was one of them folks, and so were Adam Duritz, Ryan Spaulding, Frank Germano (MOF Design, badass artist,) & Tyler Stenson (see above link.) There just couldn't have been a more fitting close to the trip...and someone fucking filmed it:

Adam Matt Ryan

Adam Matt Ryan

That's all for now. Thank you, KoleAsi, & Roem Baur, for being consistently awesome all week long.

I'm mentally preparing to get back on a plane and play some shows in Tennessee. Thursday with the coffee drinkin' crowd at The Camp House in Chattanooga, and Saturday with the Porter drinkin' crowd at 12th & Porter in Nashville. Then I'm back in NYC to play at the next Communion Music on Monday 3/25 - TICKETS HERE

Thanks for listening, and reading...Stay tuned for some REALLY cool shit this SPRING!