Terminal 5 sucks, I have a New SHOW & Facial hair...

My Morning Jacket does NOT suck. If you're unaware, My Morning Jacket are in the middle of 5 nights at Terminal 5 in NYC (tonight & tomorrow are #s 4 & 5.) They're doing one of their 5 albums each night, in order, and so I went to nights 2 & 3...QUICK MMJ Fans which records are those?!

If you guessed "At Dawn" & "It Still Moves," congratulations. "At Dawn" was Tuesday night, and a lovely record indeed, complete with some superb rock & roll, but I could have called it a night after the 1,2 Punch of "Hopefully" & "Bermuda Highaway" (those are my favorites.) Not to mention the death metal encore, which was a bit much for my ears.  Concerts are fun.

Wednsday night was a break for MMJ, but lead guitarist, Carl Broemel (whom I have mentioned in the past,) had a solo show at Joe's Pub and featured the entire band minus Yim. It was a great performance, Carl is INSANELY talented & and it was wild watching "the Jacket" playing soft, jazzy tunes. After that set, I hit up some CMJ action at The Living Room after a hot tip that Canadian SInger/SOngwriter Matt Mays would be doing a late night set. Upon arriving and getting seats, Matt would be on after some British guy played some boogie woogie blues songs on piano...oh, the old guy was Ian McLagan. He was in FACES...pretty cool. Matt Mays went on and it was pretty darn good. Cool voice, and he justified my comparing him to Bruce in my last playlist, because he gave "Tougher Than The Rest" a try....granted he didnt make it to the end, it was a sporting chance. Concerts are fun.

Now, Thursday night, back at Terminal 5 was just wild. I was really looking forward to this show. I was first turned on to My Morning Jacket when "It Still Moves" came out, and so this show was all about shooting me back to 2003. When Yim was called Jim, and he'd sing through his Cousin IT hair...rumors of him not having a face at all were all over the internet (not true)...but in truth, it's a stupendous record. To hear them power through it from start to finish was intense. Some insane moments came, obviously with "One Big Holiday," "Run Thru" was out of control, "I Will Sing You Songs" is one of my all time MMJ faves, and "Steam Engine" was like a sitting inside a bottle ready to blow its top. The entire crowd was swaying with anticipation just to hear the line "Take Your Money, and your Druuuuuuugggggggs!" and when it happened, it was mildly sexual, I'm not gonna lie.

So you might be saying to yourself, WHAT A SHOW!! but you dont even know the half of it. The encore? 6 songs, kicked off by Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" which I've always wanted to hear Yim Yames sing, because if you're familiar with that song, Yim sounds exactly like Bob does on that recording. "Sooner" was a nice addition, I've always wanted to hear that live, but the KICKER of this encore, was bringing the horn section back out (which was partly Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and Levon Helm alum Steven Bernstein & Erik Lawrence) to NAIL their rendition of "It Makes No Difference" which was FLAWLESS.  "Can't top that" you're saying....except they kept the horn section out and threw us an amazing curveball, SPOT-ON cover of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." It was a party, and it was insane.

Terminal 5...you're lucky.  Sure, maybe it's my fault for standing in the back under the overhang where sound essentially bounces from ceiling to floor indefinitely, but it's YOUR fault for having the worst acoustics on earth. Please don't be a venue any longer. Thank you.

A great week of music. Concerts are fun.

IN OTHER NEWS: I've just booked a December date at Rockwood Music Hall! It'll come fresh off of "The Meat" of my Autumn recording ventures, so you can bet I'll be mildly insane, depressed & bearded...but hey, maybe I'll have some cool new song arrangements... Wednesday, December 1st - 6pm (perfect for those of you employed in NYC...might I recommend a happy hour at Rockwood, hmmm?)

Speaking of facial hair, EsMatteo has a Fall/Winter logo! All I can say is, it's bad-ass...although there's a chance it's slightly creepy? Known Fact: Bad-ass trumps creepy!