Thad Cockrell - It's about time you knew his name

Another glowing review/thank you letter (it's all I know how to do) to another artist you maybe haven't heard of yet... Last spring, a friend of mine forwarded me a couple of songs from an artist I'd never heard of.  Sometimes, I'm aware that I often speak in hyperbole, but when I say these songs instantaneously became my "spring anthems," I'm not exaggerating. Although they often popped up in fall or winter, and they were just as effective, I used those moments more as a tool to wish away the cold weather and pray for spring. The artist's name, I'm sure you guessed via the title of the post, is Thad Cockrell. The 2 songs that are to blame for my addiction, are "Rosalyn" & "Beauty Has A Name." If you're a friend of mine, which you all are, but more in the day-to-day visual sense, you've certainly heard me play "Rosalyn," or put it in more than a handful of playlists, or even refer to it as "one of the best songs written in a long time" (yea, I just quoted myself.) Well, finally, last night at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, Thad made an appearance that I could attend, or better yet, an appearance that I knew about.

Just Thad, and his guitar, proved the voice is real. 'Rosalyn' was second in the set.  Now, had I been successful in getting the song played on the radio, this would've been a major faux pas, playing your hit so early in the set... but the fact that this is only a smash single in my mind, and a select group of others who know about this talent, meant I was in for at least another 30 minutes just like the first 10.  'Beauty Has A Name' followed shortly after, and not too far after that he played a song I'd never heard called "She Ain't No You," he described it as the saddest song he ever wrote, and as I listened, and he got to the chorus, I MIGHT have made an audible "whoah"...not knowing the title before he played the song, I didnt know where it was going, and when he gets to "The truth of the matter, if the truth really matters...She Ain't No You" that just about did it for me. You can safely bet I went home and bought the song. The show was over, and I felt the need to tweet...

(DIGRESSION- tweeting is my only friend on nights when i go to shows by myself. It's like texting everyone, without expecting a reply. It's ME thinking that YOU care what I'M doing, when in reality we all know YOU don't, otherwise YOU'd be with me. short story, at one point Thad retweeted a tweet by a guy who apparently was sitting right next to me. Strange enough, his retweet of this guys tweet, prompted me to check out this guys tweets...THIS is where tweeting is strange.  I was basically reading this guys thoughts, having never met him, and he was sitting NEXT TO ME. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH TECHNOLOGY - HUMAN CONTACT IS OVER!)

Anyway, my tweet went like this  'Nothing better on earth than seeing a songwriter sing his songs when they're this good. Buy @thadcockrell music' (yes, i just quoted myself again.) The point is, BUY HIS MUSIC....the point ALSO, is there may never be a better profession than singing songs. Recordings last a lifetime, but the intimacy and meaning that takes place between artist and listener cannot be duplicated, packaged and resold. I watched the songwriter sing the songs I've been living with for a year and I sort of felt like I'd been sleeping with his girlfriends, but instead of kicking my ass, he stood there and gave me more.  I was under the impression that he was solely a christian act, but it's not the case. Not that I have a problem with the christian bands, it's just not my cup of tea (i like coffee)...I suppose this is a topic for another post so I'll leave it alone for now.

In case I haven't made my case already, David "Immy" Immergluck of Counting Crows fame, was on stage next with James Maddock, and while I wanted to stay for the show, I had overstayed my welcome with Thad and I thought it was time to make an exit. If 23 year old ME knew I left "Immy" on stage, he'd beat the shit out 29 year old me, but I thought I'd cut my losses.  It was a powerful experience, capped off by a healthy conversation and the inevitable "demo hand off" that I always cringe at,  except this time, I was asked for one. Which made it all the more special.

Thank you, Thad, I'm a fan....I hope you like my tracks.


P.S. READERS - Remember, I'm rocking your flip flops off with The Hotcakes at this weekends MONTAUK MUSIC FESTIVAL! Get out to the island if you want some rock & roll.

ALSO - I've added a video page to the blog, in case you forgot I'm also a songwriter, check out some past performances.