The Recording Process Begins...

As I sit with my coffee this morning, pondering how insane The Hotcakes will rock & roll The Montauk Music Festival, I've started laying out my next recording effort. It gets me excited to think I have a record to make, and to dream about the process, but it's also anxiety ridden. I love my little home studio and I love the idea that I can potentially put together a full length record...all from my living room. Just how the F%#@ am I supposed to start? is the question though.

For the first time in my music making, I have more than a handful of songs to sift through, and I have as many new ideas and unfinished songs that hopefully will work themselves out during this process. Most importantly, this is the first time I'm seeing how all of these songs won't make the record, and I'll be forced to choose which make the cut. It's almost like telling 6 of your 16 kids they can't go to college, even though they're just as smart (maybe even smarter?,) it's just that the other 10 are a little more aesthetically pleasing, and we want them to meet other attractive songs, so they'll get drunk and maybe make some bad decisions.  You'll understand when you're older.

I've been typing things. Maybe because my handwriting is SHIT, but also because it makes me feel a little more organized as opposed to lyrics scattered all over moleskins around the house. This is a first for me. I actually typed out my album cover idea and song ideas.  Maybe it'll release some tension in my head.

I recently emailed a good friend of mine an idea I had for a record & title, but for "later in my career"...however, the more I think about it, the more I love the title for right now as a "debut independent full length release." Plus, it's shorter than "debut independent full length release." I'm not telling you the title, because I'm not 100% sure I'll use it just yet. The record idea I mentioned to him, can still wait until I'm a better musician and I'm friends with some choice artists...I'm not telling you that one either, I just might need a new title for it. You might be asking yourself "why is he telling us this, if he won't give us specifics?" to which I answer...It's my blog.  Also if somewhere in the next 10 years, my fancy album idea and clever title show up somewhere else (like your comedy album, or your christmas coasters) I'll never forgive myself.

I've spent a good, many years on pipe dreams, funny/quirky band names, silly, yet clever album names and so on (see dream above of befriending "choice artists")...The downside to that, in retrospect, is all the time wasted, even though it's fun to chat and dream with friends.  The upside to all of the pipe dream experience is knowing when it's NOT a pipe dream. This is an exciting time for me. I'd try to give myself a deadline, and secretly I have, but I don't see how I can even make that kind of a decision right now...

THAT SAID, if between now and my imaginary deadline I decide that another EP would be a better career decision, don't feed me my words. The full length is still the goal, it might just be better to put SOMETHING out sooner, as opposed to something else much later.

That is all my brain has to offer right now, and I was would have been too much to tweet.

Thanks for reading.