There Will Always Be...Haters

"Haters" are a funny thing. I'm not saying I haven't been guilty of being a hater at one point or another, or that I don't understand where they're coming from. Even to this day, I hate. Like I hate the sound of people eating with their mouths open, or someone reading my copy of a magazine before I get to it, or Owl City (ZING!)...Let it begin, as always, with a digression.

I don't "hate" Owl City, I think "Fireflies" is a catchy hit song and I'm genuinely happy for him. What bothers me is that he, in an interview I read, claimed that he doesn't count Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie as an influence. Now, if one day I get to meet him, I'll happily ask if he actually said that, and if he actually means it...because if you listen to "Fireflies" and you are familiar with Ben Gibbard's work with Death Cab or Postal Service, you'll hear IMMEDIATELY that this kid is copping Ben's vocal style. If you're at a point where you're in front of a microphone and about to sing a song, and out comes this voice that is IDENTICAL in phrasing and timbre to someone else, wouldnt you have to count that person as an influence? What's he afraid of? being too cool? AAAANYWAY, it bothered me. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now....for now.

I have great pride in my growth as a musician and music listener. I used to have massive, passionate opinions that were very one sided when it came to other artists. I've grown to appreciate both sides, and the tables have turned. I now, dislike the haters.

As I've stated in the past, I'm a gigantic fan of "The Black Keys." They're gearing up to release a new record mid-May and as usual, the onslaught of press has begun. New videos for awesome new songs, new merch, and of course, tour dates. I'm particularly excited because they're doing a run of dates with Kings of Leon (don't get too excited NYers, the closest they're coming is Pittsburgh in September)...but I see The Black Keys post the news on Facebook:

and I read some of the comments, only to find that there are people who now doubt the coolness of Kings of Leon:

A Port-A-Potty TRUCK?!?! that means they smell like poop. and that's not cool.

or this one:

who laughs like that?

I dont get it...These guys are bad-ass, and they finally reach a level of monster success in their home country, so it's not cool to like them anymore? The Black Keys, themselves, are all over movie soundtracks, tv shows, commercials, but they're still "indie" and "hip" because they don't have a radio single... I find it hard to believe if tomorrow, a radio station started playing the crap out of one of their new songs, and they said "STOP STOP STOP."  It doesn't make any sense is all, and it goes to show, there will ALWAYS be haters. No matter what, someone is going to be against what you're doing. Point is, F#&@ 'em. If you've got haters, chances are you've got more fans...unless you're some kind of murdering lunatic, in which case you probably have fans, but the kind of fans that should be locked up with you. I dont know how this post got off topic...

Maybe we need the haters? If everybody liked everything all the time, what would we do with ourselves? what would we complain about? I'm always game for a good discussion on music and new artists and all that jazz, but it's one thing to voice an opinion, another to straight up hate. I suppose these are people who just haven't grown to appreciate both sides. They'll learn, and when they do, a new generation of haters will come along to fill the void. It's the circle of life friends, the circle of life.

Now, go out there and do what you're hated for with pride! (unless it's what i just mentioned about the murdering lunatics, then don't go out, in fact, don't do anything at all, just stay where you are while i alert the proper authorities.)

While I was writing this post, Paste magazine posted this articl, perfectly fitting the topic,  hating on both John Mayer & Phil Collins.

Enjoy the weather, and the Derby!