Tour post - SXSW 2012

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EDITORS NOTE: After posting this, I sat on the first flight for 45 seconds before being asked to leave when the paid customer, whose seat I was given, arrived late. Had a run in with M.Ward while waiting for 2nd flight. Was given a seat on the 2nd flight. end note. Please forgive the appearance of this post if it seems a bit "off" as I'm not too familiar with iPad blogging (proof being this is my second attempt, deleted the other instead of saving a draft.)

Since I was super early for my flight, or lack thereof (flying standby,) I thought I'd update the ol' bloggy-doo from the Austin airport. Actually, depending on how my luck works out with this flight, I may be adding a mildly drunk and angry follow up post from Leftys bar 20ft from the JetBlue terminal. Stay tuned.

So SXSW is nuts. Like "Spring break with some extra music" nuts. Personally, I preferred the daytime. Everything was a little calmer, but the music was just as high caliber. A big thank you goes out to the wonderful people at LoungeFlySF for inviting me to be a part of their showcase, and to Maria, Maria for hosting. Your taco salad was incredible. Oh hey, Glen Hansard just sat down next to me in the terminal. I may have only been in town 48 hours, and stayed in one of the creepiest hotels EVER, but I think it's safe to say ill be back next year for damn sure.

I love meeting new, talented folks, and this was the place to do it. I even had a chance to catch some regulars from the NYC scene (pictures below) including my bass player, Brian Kesley, play with Lily & the Parlour Tricks (who were incredible, by the way.) The other 2 pics are Megan Palmer & Alec Gross. Honorable mention to Marie & Bernt, it was great meeting you and thanks for saying hi!

As usual I documented most of the trip thanks to the handy, dandy Instagram application on my iPhone device, and if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you've likely seen these pictures. But in the interest of dressing up this post, have a look below.

Wish me luck on this return flight, otherwise maybe I'll look into a rental car. I hear it's only a one day & 5 hour trip to NYC.

Thanks for the hospitality, Austin! -M