Tuesday Night -Me & Caffe Vivaldi

This is certainly a story I'll share Tuesday night...but here's the meat & potatoes (and maybe some string beans): I've been playing music since my friend Scott picked up a guitar, which only meant that I had to get one too, subsequently starting my passion for playing and listening. Bless that friendship, God knows what I'd be doing with my life otherwise. We were 18. There's a long story here, but the short of it is that between then and now I've had moments where I thought I was serious about music.  Turns out I didn't know what it meant to be serious about music until I woke up (literally & figuratively) in late September/early October last year.  I snapped out of my own head, and got to work.

Where am I going with this?  Caffe Vivaldi. When I went to my first of their Monday Night open mics back in October, I saw the talent, the warmth and the acceptance that I had been missing out on. Where I had been stubbornly sitting on my couch waiting for the right move to make, these folks were making their moves.  Now, I am well aware of the length of the journey in front of me...but I owe Caffe Vivaldi the credit for opening the door, and making me feel welcome. It's made me a more confident songwriter, and inspired me to get off my ass and make something happen, not to mention spawned some pretty great friendships.

SO if you're around on Tuesday night (1/18/11) this one is special for me because I finally get to do more than 10 minutes on the warmest "stage" in NYC...Fireplace, intimate seating, historic location, you can't go wrong for a late January show -  if you don't like reading fancy graphics, Im on at 8pm - otherwise all the details are here, or up top, or everywhere you look...I'm making it hard for you to miss the facts:

(editors note: The young, talented, & Canadian, Daniel McKenzie is on at 6pm ...so if you can get their early, you'll catch a good singer/songwrier/pianist)

Hope to see you there!