wait, what? a year ago?!

Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 3.17.33 PM

Time knows how to boogie, in a big way. One year ago today I packed up the following: 2 cases of Abita Turbo-Dog, a week's supply of mom's homemade chicken soup, a bottle of Woodford Reserve, some clothes and all of my recording equipment/guitars. I drove to a house in the woods and I made a record.  No internet, no cell service, no curtains (creepy), no real furniture (cool) and no soap (don't worry I bought some.)  This doesn't need to get long winded, I just felt that I should recognize this as another marker of how crazy this past year has been.  Looking forward to the next record in a big way, and another great year with an army of some truly, truly talented friends.

Stay tuned for some warm Christmas tones & tunes coming your way!

See ya,