This November holds more significance than some past 11's.  A good friend of mine is letting me use his new house in PA and I'll be moving my equipment in to do some recording. No studio pressure. No cooks in the kitchen. Just me, alone, in the woods...and my fear of being alone...in a cabin...in the woods. Ah shit. Seriously though, I can't wait, and I have been waiting for a while....I'm sick of waiting. Clearly, I can't say how the songs will come out...But I'm hoping to make a serious dent and have something to sell at shows. It's reassuring and overwhelming to write out a list of songs, and have more than expected. I guess we'll just see what makes the cut?  Either way, whether it becomes an EP or a full length, I'm excited and for fear of jinxing myself, that's all I'll say.

Speaking of waiting and being excited...

I'm excited to be on the Open Mic scene, but holy crap, a lot can go through your mind when you're waiting for your turn, especially when you can't be there to sign up, and you just hope they let you play at some point.

Last night I sat in Cafe Vivaldi for over 3 hours.

The talent was superb at times, and at those moments, it was great to be there. (thanks to Rachel Epp, Jamie Bendell, Josh Taylor, Steven?, John?, Graham Weber, Mike?  & Christine and her band .)

I closed out the night and it was well worth the wait, just to play 2 of my songs for whoever was left in the room.

If you were one of those wonderful people, thanks for listening...I'm really looking forward to next time.